5 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Store

1.   You don’t want sites like Amazon, Facebook, or any other online powerhouse to control how you do business (they can and should play a part, but you don’t ever want to rely on any 3rd party site for your business). As long as you’re obeying the law and taking care of your customers, you want to be able to control every aspect of how you do business.

2.   You can easily build a customer list. When you sell exclusively on sites like Amazon you compete with other products, you can’t build a customer list (easily), and you don’t get much data about the person that bought your product.

You have more control over your brand. When you run your own store, you immediately have an advantage because you control exactly how your product is displayed and branded.

3.  Your customer has easy access to what they need. Even if you decide to sell on sites like Amazon or eBay down the road, it will always be important that you maintain a “home base” so customers can find out more about you without the constraints of the big sites.

4.  You are not tied to another business. Having your own site gives you flexibility and acts as an insurance policy against changes in 3rd party marketplaces.

5.  Once you learn how to set this site up, you can sell anything online at any time and be able to take payments for it.

No matter what you end up selling, being able to build your own site to sell it from is powerful.

As you already know, the internet knows no geographic boundaries, so your product could potentially end up in the hands of anyone, no matter where they are located in the world. Allowing you to expand your brand worldwide if this is a goal of yours. It also means your existing customers can take your delicious products into their homes, and use them in their own recipes… further allowing your customers to “embed” your products in their lives.

If you are not yet ready to have your own eCommerce store with your own products, you may wish to be an Amazon affiliate store first.  This will require a few bucks of investment while learning how your online customers behave, what they want and what they love to buy.

The eCom Profit Machine is a software and webstore that will :

  1. Search and add products that SELL for you directly inside the dashboard.
  2. Add as many products, brands and categories to your store in just a few clicks so your visitors can quickly find what they want. The software
  3. Automatically adds product information, eye catching images, powerful headlines and call to action descriptions for you. And to super-charge your store, you can at the click of a button
  4. Get REAL Amazon customer reviews and product demo videos so you get more engagement to make more sales.

Where do you start?  Find out what sells!

Step 1:

Jump over to Amazon and do a search for the item you’re thinking about selling.

(In the above example I’m including the term I looked up when trying to see if my ice molds would sell well)

Step 2:

Look at the search results and start investigating the first page of results to see if you can find clues that tell you the item is selling really well. One clue is the orange “best seller” tag.

Step 3:

Look inside the top listings in the Product Detail Section to see how well it’s doing.

I noticed that the top listing for the term “Sphere Ice Mold” was literally in the top 100 of all items in the Kitchen and Dining Category on Amazon.

I knew that out of all the Kitchen and Dining Items that people buy on Amazon, being in the top 1000 has to mean the product is doing well (and this one was in the top 100).

Step 4:

Look inside of each listing in the search results for your key term in the Product Detail Section to see how well it’s doing.

I looked at several different listings that ranked high for the term “Sphere Ice Mold” and all of them were doing really well. This told me there was a demand for the product I was interested in selling and that the demand stretched way past my group of friends.

Step 5:

Try a few other related search terms and repeat.

You may have noticed that Amazon will suggest other search options when you search. These are related terms that people have typed in. If you search those options and see that all of the items that come up first in the search are selling well overall, you can typically bet you have a winner.

Why Does this Technique Work?

While this method isn’t 100% perfect, it works to research demand because of how Amazon works.

Amazon ranks products for sale for a certain search term based on the conversion of views/sales an item gets in comparison to the other items that come up for that term.

When we do a search in Amazon we may not see the top item getting a lot of sales just because it ranks high in the search. We will be able to tell that once we see the details that we learned from the overall sales ranking in the product detail section (step 3 in the above process).

As I said, this method isn’t perfect, but it gives you a green light that you can move forward because people are buying it elsewhere.

Now, the exciting part – looking for your domain name ! 

DO NOT REGISTER DOMAINS WITH “KINDLE”, “AMAZON” or any other Amazon trademark. If you do so you will not be accepted in the Amazon affiliate program.

Ecom Profit Machine: Product Review

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