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By digi / June 27, 2017

Very often we struggle to make our own products. There’s nothing wrong with that, but to me, the quickest way (after having done this for 7 years) – it’s affiliate marketing - to get started.

Why?  Because there’s so much leverage and so much ability to quickly hit the ground running and use other people’s products, other people’s sales materials, other people’s processes.

There’s just so much return on so little investment. So, my advice to people getting started is to start off with affiliate marketing. Learn the ropes, learn how to do it this way and when you get your groove going and have some experiences behind it, then you can start to mimic what you’ve seen and make your own products.

Watch this video for the following topics:

  • Affiliate marketing basics
  • How to find the most profitable products to promote
  • ​How to increase sales through reviews
  • ​How to create quick and easy bonuses to drive sales
  • How to use affiliate promotional tools effectively
  • How to spy on your competition

People who enjoy independence and flexibility in their work make good affiliates. Those that desire or need flexible working hours can gain the most from being an affiliate. You get paid according to how well you perform, not on how many hours you work. You can schedule your work around other things such as families or other commitments. If you’re independent and a self starter than a career as an affiliate is perfect for you.

Should you follow your passion?

It’s a question that I get asked all the time - money or passion?

Truth is, not all things that people are passionate about are profitable.

Having said that it's much easier to follow through when you're interested in something. My advice would be follow the green then follow the dream.

I recommend choosing a sub-niche in one of the "big three" markets :

Health, wealth and relationships.

These three are what we call "evergreen" niches - because they will always be hot.  People will always want to be fit, rich, and loved because these are the primal needs of humans.

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