Amazon Affiliate’s Web Assets (Long Term)

By digi / July 30, 2017

When building your network of web assets as an Amazon affiliate (or as online marketer in general), you should consider using platforms that can be set and forget. You will find this advice very significant as you build more money sites. It gets tedious having to go back to each one to update them, otherwise, the site may have broken pages or it may have the look of an abandoned website.

If you blog regularly, updating WordPress is not a big deal but if you have many sales websites like Amazon affiliate stores, it is not very smart to use WordPress and Azon store plugins. After a year or so, if the plugin vendors stop to create new versions, your Azon store may no longer update automatically. Even if the vendor continues to update the plugin, you still need to manually update at the WP Dashboard at least 3 to 4 times a year. At some point when you wonder why a WordPress website stops to give you affiliate commissions, you will discover – either you just need to update the plugin, reload the pages or fill in your Azon store with new trending products.

For eCommerce stores, I have discovered I can leave my Shopify stores without the need to update but I have to pay a monthly subscription of $13 per store. This is an acceptable amount considering Shopify will take care of my store in terms of automatic updating from the background. It is also hosted on cloud for $13 a month.

However, $13 monthly may not be an operating expense you could regularly recoup when you are just starting out. That’s why, I recommend this product,  eCom Profit Machine  because you just buy the store builder software for $19.95, customize it as you like, automatically pull in products that you like, pull in product videos, and real testimonials from Amazon buyers.


Not only that, for just one-time payment of $19.95, you can create unlimited number of beautiful Azon niche stores. No need for updating any software platforms. However, anytime you wish to add a product category, you can do so in 5 minutes.

If this is your first time to create a website using your web hosting’s CPanel or FTP, you will, not a doubt find it technically challenging. However, the tutorial videos are broken down into topics. Each video is easy to follow and the author uses the desktop screen video capture so you can literally follow step by step. The audio is by Brett Ingram, the creator of eCom Profit Machine.

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