Ecom Profit Machine: Product Review

There are many ways to start with Affiliate Marketing. Though it may be the least expensive way to make money online, it isn’t cheap at all. Just like in any other business, you need a product, a system, a marketing and selling platform. From my personal experience, the most important aspect is to get your system in place and see what works for you. While you are in the current phase of getting educated – buying courses, lead gen products, etc, I recommend that you set up your Amazon affiliate store for now. A few dollars in commissions that you didn’t work for will give you a new leash in life and say, “oh, so it really works!” It will fuel your determination to succeed.
If you have set up a blog as your home base for affiliate marketing activities, then you are already investing on a domain name and web hosting. Add $19.95 to invest on eCom Profit Machine to monetize your blog with affiliate commissions. There’s an upgrade offer for $12, an option to get 11 color variations/ themes for your stores.
Ecom Profit Machine is a software that lets you create an eCommerce-looking store without having to set up product pages manually and individually. I said “eCommerce-looking” because it isn’t a real one. It doesn’t process payments, no fulfillment, no customer service, no wholesale investment, no supplier management. All the BUY buttons will redirect to Amazon’s product pages.
Ecom Profit Machine is not a WordPress plugin so you don’t need to worry about the software needing updates. Once it is set-up, you just decide the keywords of products you wish the store to be populated with. So for example, when you create a product collection for anti-aging facial creams, you can then proceed to pull in a collection of anti-aging health supplements. The keywords and products you choose all depends on the niche you wish to target.

Just like other Azon store builders, Ecom Profit creates the product pages automatically including images and descriptions.

However, Ecom Profit Machine also pulls in the corresponding videos of the products uploaded by the vendors of Amazon. Those videos are hosted on YouTube and Vimeo and then embedded on Amazon product pages. So with these original links from video sites, let’s say 200 videos from 300 products in your Ecom Profit store, they automatically create a whole party of SEO backlinks.

Populating your store with targeted products also means the Post titles and content containing keywords such as the brand name, main benefits or main features contribute to making your eCom Profit store highly optimized for the search engines.

You can have unlimited Amazon products into your affiliate store in just a few minutes!

Your Ecom Profit Store is a good complement to your Blog site. You can install your store in the sub directory of your domain. If you are lazy and don’t drive traffic to your blog or store, you can just continue posting blog articles, occasionally pointing links to a product page of your store.


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