Top 7 Super Affiliate Strategies

Strategy #1

Product and Keyword research are one of the most important things when it comes to building niche Amazon sites. Finding products with low competition and a good number of searches is the key to building a profitable Amazon affiliate site.

My secret ninja strategy to finding some amazing profitable keywords for my niches is USING PRODUCT BRAND NAMES!

YES, that’s right. Amazon sells tens of thousands of brands and many of them have products that sell like crazy and are also searched a lot on the internet but its hard to discover them easily.
So here’s what we do…

Goto and at the bottom of every category, you’ll see the list of top brands. Just note down the names of all the brands.

OR even when you browse top selling products that meet the criteria of price and customer reviews.. grab the brand name and put it in a little notepad.

Then you head over the Google Adwords keyword tool and with the settings explained in the main PDF course, just enter the brand names, each one in a new line and hit search.

VOILA – you’ll see a list of products that have amazing number of searches and you’ll be able to find products that are popular and then you can check up their prices and reviews.. most of the times, products that have good number of searches often have good reviews from customers, otherwise they wouldn’t be popular, would they?
So, that’s our FREE method to finding some cool products to build sites around.

Strategy #2

I know of a lot of people who build niche Amazon websites but live outside the US. They all get paid regularly from Amazon by getting checks in the mail every month. But, what they did not know is that they can actually INCREASE the amount of their checks by up to 30% …

YES, that’s right.

For people living outside the US, is required to hold taxes applicable on the payments up to 30% of it. It ranges from country to country and the percentage of amount held up for tax purposes also varies from 10% to 30%

BUT YES – all you have to do it fax them a W8 BEN form signed with your name or business as most of these countries have TAX TREATIES and hence there is no double taxation.

Once you do this – AMAZON will no longer hold back any % of your earnings for tax purposes and your checks will be up by 10% to 30% every month.

When I told my buddies living in Indonesia, India and Romania about this, they were ecstatic.. they never knew this was happening because Amazon does not force you to send them a signed document or form for this purpose. You have to contact them yourself and get this processed. Fax them a signed copy of the form, duly filled out and your earnings jump sky high.

Isn’t this a neat little trick?

Strategy #3

Many people build Amazon affiliate sites but very few of them know about what an affiliate cookie is and how many types of amazon affiliate cookies exist.

No, these are not the type of cookies you have with milk. These are tiny data files that are stored on your computer when you visit and it tracks the data about whom your referred and that’s how you earn commissions from your referrals.

A typical amazon affiliate cookie lasts 24 hours. That’s right! Which means, if someone clicked on an affiliate link on your website and landed on – you’ll earn a commission from their purchase as long as they buy within 24 hours. If he chooses to buy after 2 days, you’ll not get any credit for the sale, hence no commissions. That sucks, right? I wish I knew about this when I started building sites initially.

There is a fix to this – Amazon has another type of cookie which has a life of 90 days. That means, if the person you referred makes a purchase within 90 days of selecting that product, you still get a commission. Isn’t that awesome?  How this works is.. will give you credit for the sale as long as the person has ADDED THE PRODUCT TO HIS CART. Right, he should not only be referred by you but he should add the product to his shopping cart on within 24 hours, not necessary that he should buy it immediately.

So, we should try to get our visitors to add the products they like to their cart.. an easy way to do this is to provide all the information you can about the product on your affiliate product review website. This way, the visitor will not feel the need to read more or learn a lot about the product.

Then your affiliate referral link should be such that it directly takes him to the add to cart page instead of the product details page. This will increase your number of add to carts a lot and hence longer affiliate cookies, therefore more sales and higher commissions. There are easier ways to implement this.

Strategy #4

To keep making residual passive income from the Amazon affiliate program, it is important that you comply to their rules and regulations. I’ve seen a lot of people get banned from Adsense as a result of not following their rules, clicking on their own ads and using paid traffic to earn from Adsense.

Amazon isn’t as strict as Google when it comes to banning affiliate accounts but they have had banned many over the years. ONE major reason I’ve seen them ban their affiliate accounts is after the Federal Trade Commission made a rule that insists all affiliates disclose their affiliations clearly on their websites and pages that contain affiliate links.

Therefore, insists that on every page of your blog or website that contains an affiliate link, you clearly display a disclosure that there are affiliate links present on this page and the owner of the website will earn a commission from the sales of these products.

Failure to comply with this can result in your amazon affiliate account getting banned. regularly inspects websites run by affiliates and manually reviews them to follow all their rules. Some of them will get you a slight warning message but this one can definitely get you banned.

So, if you’re running a wordpress blog or website, get the General Header and Footer plugin for wordpress and paste the affiliate disclosure text provided with the package. A link to this plugin can by found in the plugins text file provided with the package. Using the affiliate disclosure content in your footer on every page of your site will keep your affiliate account safe and avoid getting banned.

Strategy #5

Another easy way to make sure you make all the commissions you can is to ensure all your amazon links on your site, be it in the content area or in the sidebar or anywhere else.. they need to have your affiliate code added to it.
It can be a tough job grabbing affiliate links for each and every product so the easier way is to have this free wordpress plugin automatically add your affiliate ID to any amazon link on your site.

Another plugin to use is one that helps automatically link keywords in the content of my website to affiliate links of products I can specify. So anywhere I want to link out the keyword “best baby car seat” to an affiliate product, all I have to do is insert the keyword and the URL and it will link that keyword in the entire site, wherever it is found. You can control number of links on a single page etc.

Strategy #6

Content is one of the most important part of your niche amazon site. Therefore, when writing content, it is essential that your content is able to presell the product really well. If you’re not preselling the product but just describing it as it is on the amazon website, the reader may click on the links to the amazon site to find more info but he may not buy immediately.

When he arrived on your website, he was partially into buying mode and the job of your article has to be to have him convinced to buy immediately. Now it does not have to be a sell and you need not sound like buy buy buy… buy now.
But – having all the pros and cons in place and showing the benefits of the product, understanding the mentality of the buyer when he’s reading your content and really helping him make a buying decision while compelling him to buy immediately is the key.

Check out the following ideas..

Strategy #7

Again, not to repeat but content is KING when it comes to Amazon affiliate sites and you have to keep adding interesting content to your blogs/sites. Here are some ideas.


Using lots of pictures in your content posts makes your post look lively and colorful… people like to read stuff that looks that way. Also making your pictures clickable and adding affiliate links to them is another cool way to get more people to goto amazon and buy.


Instead of having dedicated links in the content of your site, have more and more relevant links inside the content. I usually have about 5-8 links in each of my posts, some linking to the same product while others linking to different products from a single post. People click relevant links more often than generic links at the bottom or top of the post.


Creating content that has a list of products from a category or a type of niche creates a great post where you have a lot of links to your amazon products and also cover a lot of content. Having a list that compares top 5 or top 3 products makes people think of selecting the better one over the ones that doesn’t sound too good and they end up making a buying decision because now they like something in that category and they came to your site because they were partially in a buying mood and now they know what to get.


I love writing bestsellers of the month type of posts because these posts wrap up the top products from that month or the highest selling items. People like this type of social proof and are more inclined to buy after reading such a list of products and their features instead of a generic article. Also, this type of post can be done every month because the best sellers keep changing every month in that category and you get the opportunity to rank and get people to vote on these products… making them take action in one way makes it possible to get them to take action in any other way you want.

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